Journey to E3 2015

Journey to E3 2015


E3 2015 is the premier place to be for computer and video games entertainment in June.

Last year I got my credentials to go to this invite only event and it changed my entire brand. This year I applied to go but got denied. I tried to put it behind me but once you go to E3, you want to keep going. I was bumped out, specifically because I know that being there stretched me to new levels.

Just when I thought hope was lost, a buddy of mind worked it out and I received my credentials to go this year! Last year, I had plenty of time to prepare for this event in Los Angeles but because I received my credentials came late (May instead of January), I had to weigh my options to get there.

Journey to E3 2015

Because of the success of crowd funding, I decided to create a GoFundMe campaign for my journey to E3 2015. I’m asking for your help to get there. Whatsoever you can do, it will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks for reading this.

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