Dungeon Defenders: Celebrate Thanksgivi​ng with new DLC [PC]

To Celebrate Thanksgiving Trendy Entertainment has unleashed a feast of new DLC for their crazy action RPG Dungeon Defenders including a crazy new challenge map dubbed “The Great Turkey Hunt”. Complete all level difficulties for a costume unlock for your Hero such as Apprentice – Pilgrim
Squire – Turkey Outfit, Huntress – Pocahontas and Monk – Conquistador. The Turkey Challenge is free at this time.
Also available is The Character Pack, the reverse gender of your favourite originals each with new abilities available this week on steam for $3.99 ($4.99 after the sale) and The Warping Core Challenge pack same challenge 3 different maps to play it on for just $1.99.
Dungeon Defenders is available on Steam for $14.99 USD .. all DLC extra.
Visit the Official site.

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