I’m not a big fan of tigers and in this latest game play video for Dead or Alive 5 we have Lei Fang and Zack going at it at a circus show. The game play is absolutely awesome showcasing some critical hits on both sides and their super combo moves. Dead or Alive 5 is slated for September 2012. Also check out Zack and Lei Fang’s stills and biography below:

Zack – Zack has incredible fighting instincts, and learned Muay Thai just by imitation. A funky DJ with a positive attitude and original sense of style.

Nationality: American
Gender: Male
Fighting Style: Muay Thai (Self-Taught)

Combat: His unorthodox style of Muay Thai has become so unconventional that no one can predict what comes next.

Leifang – A female master of T’ai Chi Quan. Raised in a wealthy family, she is quite stubborn and trains to defeat Jann Lee, who once saved her from harm.

Nationality: Chinese
Gender: Female
Fighting Style: T’ai Chi Quan

Combat: Her strengths lie in T’ai Chi Quan holds which use her opponent’s power, and attacks from “Sabaki” and “Inashi” parries.

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