Crimson Alliance [Review] [XBLA] [3/5]

Certain Affinity brings us Crimson Alliance, a fun, colorful and simplistic action RPG that would be great for beginners of this genre, but may not quite meet the expectations of the hardcore RPG community. The story takes place in the bowels of the dungeons of fallen empire Byzan, taken over by the Gulybani, a cruel and… Continue Reading Crimson Alliance [Review] [XBLA] [3/5]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [16 Gig] [WIFI] [Review]

There are many tablets out there, some may argue that there are too many. With everything that we have in abundance be it sports teams or whatever it may be, there seems to be just a few that stand above the crowd. This mindset seems to be the case for me when I looked at… Continue Reading Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [16 Gig] [WIFI] [Review]