Why Esports and Gears of War are still Relevant w/ Angelina Montanez – 307

gears of war
  Bronx native Angelina Montanez is the Gaming Editor for Tech We Like,  General Manager for Perfect Alliance Organization, PR + HR for Team Mutiny and eSports Writer for Gamurs. She shares her humble beginnings as well as the relevance of Gears of War and Esports.

Why Call Of Duty isn’t Doomed w/ Lamar Darby – 306

call of duty
Military Veteran and South Carolina native Lamar Darby shares his journey of how he went from serving our country to games media. Lamar reveals something he never shared before as we discussed his life, his blog, the gaming industry, backwards compatibility and even the NBA Playoffs.

How Accents, A.D.D and EverQuest Converge w/ Andreona Garlid – 305

Andreona Garlid is an artist, gamer and fantasy author. Her A.D.D superpower allows her to multitask while performing multiple accents on her YouTube Channel. She is known as Queen of The Nerds and her books include The Golden Curse (The Demon Kings Book 1), The Bear King's Curse: Book 2 of the Demon King Series…

From Gameboy to Twitch w/ Simply Undrea – 302

simply Undrea
Undrea Leach is a Gamer,  Singer, Team Strats Partner and Brand Ambassador. Hear her journey of how she went from a Gameboy to Twitch. Technology News and Entertainment News Adam Wingard's live-action Death Note movie may be headed to Netflix Netflix has obtained the exclusive streaming rights to upcoming anime Kuromukuro Expresso Analyzes Your Writing…

Branding The Right Way With Dr. Shante Bishop – 301

Dr. Shante Bishop is a nationally recognized brand strategist that helps entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and influencers turn their creative ideas into a profitable, platform. Her work and ideas have been featured on Forbes, Spreaker, Jet, Ebony and Fox. Dr. Bishop is also Host of Branding for Believers Podcast. Equipping influencers with the faith to #BELIEVEBIGGER…

David Jaffe (God of War, Twisted Metal) talks Drawn To Death and the meaning of life – 292

David Jaffe and I sat down during Playstation Experience 2015 and chatted about Drawn To Death, a free-to-play third-person multiplayer shooter video game coming from The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency and SCE San Diego Studio. I could not have asked for a better scene as I sat down shoulder to shoulder next to one…

Deej Interview for Bungie’s Destiny, PSX w/ Gamertag Radio’s PaustinJ – 290

Bungie is making sure that it's Sci-Fi RPG shooter Destiny stays so fresh and so clean. During PSX, Bungie unveiled the Sparrow Racing League, a limited time racing League where you can earn cool gear, sparrows and even bragging rights. I stopped by their booth and chatted with Bungie's Community Manager Deej about the league…

EP #277 – Dynasty Warriors & Brand Building w/ Jenna Pangan

dynasty warriors
Jenna Pangan recently made a major decision in her life and that decision involves school. What's that decision you ask? Jenna decided that she will not pursue a college education but instead start her journey in business. Jenna, sister of Megan Pangan, is a coffee lover, foodie, and a big fan of Video Games and Dynasty…

EP #263 – ANTVR Interview | E3 2015



ANTVR Technology is an open-source, cross-platform virtual reality gaming set and the startup is doing something a little different with the VR space. While  Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus are doing amazing things in the VR world, they are tied to their respective platforms. Here is where ANTVR shines, it is an cross platform VR headset. Andrew Li from ANTVR shares his thoughts on the company its progress, distribution and vision. For more information on ANTVR and its technology, visit http://www.antvr.com/.

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EP #262 Polk Audio Interview | E3 2015

polk audio

polk audio

After 40+ years in business, Polk Audio is still doing great things in their arena of audio. Michael Greco shares what's coming to the lineup which includes the Striker Pro, Striker Pro P1 and Striker Pro Contracts Edition (Hitman). For more information on Polk Audio, visit http://www.polkaudio.com/.

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